File upload hook – how to integrate existing file manipulation code into Drupal

I want to create a waveform image for every mp3 file I upload in a Drupal 7 website (as admin), and store it as a png for display in the frontend. I can use this script in order to do that.

I want to know what is the Drupal way of integrating that script, specifically:

  1. I guess that functionality will go into a module; where should I hook? file upload (there will be more than one file types to upload, and I would just want to work on the mp3)?
  2. how should I save the resulting waveform picture (where in the filesystem and how would I attach it as a field to my custom node type)?

As I’m new to Drupal (but experienced with PHP), I would appreciate a detailed response, but if you know of a module that already does that – I couldn’t find it – that would be the shortest answer possible. 🙂


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    try this code

    function mymodule_node_presave($node) {
    //drupal_set_message('<pre>'.var_export($node, TRUE).'</pre>');
    if (!isset($node->field_pic['und'][0]) && isset($node->field_file['und'][0]['fid'])) {
    $result = db_query("SELECT filename, uri, filemime FROM {file_managed} WHERE fid = :fid",
    array(':fid' => $node->field_file['und'][0]['fid']));
    $record = $result->fetchObject();
    if ($record->filemime == 'audio/mpeg' && pathinfo($record->filename, PATHINFO_EXTENSION) == 'mp3') {
    // TODO - create the picture, save in the temporary files folder and return the filename.
    $filename = 'created_image.png';
    $image = file_get_contents('sites/default/files/tmp/'.$filename);
    // public://pics/ -> sites/default/files/pics
    $file = file_save_data($image, 'public://pics/'.$filename, FILE_EXISTS_RENAME);
    $node->field_pic['und'][0] = (array) $file;
    Answered on July 19, 2017.
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