I need a help to create a search page in WordPress like the image bellow. there should be few functions available like..
  1. Further down the page, show comparison of different outlets showing different reporting on specific stories or topics 1.1. Ability for user to search topics, then see comparison of related stories across different outlets
  2. Show word clouds based on each story from each outlet (based on analysis of the story text) 2.1. Show word cloud for each outlet (based on analysis of the homepage text – ideally updated each time the page is loaded)
  3. Ability to select from a variety of different news outlets, preferably browse, then drag and drop
Functionality for 4 and 5 can be on a separate tab:
  1. Ability to show sentiment analysis of each story 4.1. Ability to show sentiment analysis of the outlet homepage 4.2. Ability to show sentiment change over time
  2. Ability to show fact-checking report on each story, if available (this can be from Politifact.com, Snopes.com, or similar)