I want to create a waveform image for every mp3 file I upload in a Drupal 7 website (as admin), and store it as a png for display in the frontend. I can use this script in order to do that. I want to know what is the Drupal way of integrating that script, specifically:
  1. I guess that functionality will go into a module; where should I hook? file upload (there will be more than one file types to upload, and I would just want to work on the mp3)?
  2. how should I save the resulting waveform picture (where in the filesystem and how would I attach it as a field to my custom node type)?
As I’m new to Drupal (but experienced with PHP), I would appreciate a detailed response, but if you know of a module that already does that – I couldn’t find it – that would be the shortest answer possible. 🙂