I have 2 webapps iEmpty & iCustom. Both ask the users to upload some image files from their iPhone/iPad. I have some iOS8 (beta) users that tells me that “it doesn’t works with iOS8”. For these iOS users, I made logs to see in details my uploaded file (through a classic HTML file upload field). It appears that there is no error, but file size is zero ! If I dump the $_FILES[’myfilefieldname’] in the logs I have somrthing like this : array ( 'name' => 'image.jpg', 'type' => 'image/jpeg', 'tmp_name' => '/tmp/phpaCGkNg', 'error' => 0, 'size' => 0, ) I have no problems with iOS7 or Chrome desktop browser simulating the iOS8 user agent string… The problem is that I don’t have iOS8, so it is difficult for me to debug and find what the problem is !
  • Can anyone already has the same problem ?
  • Can you please test with iOS8 and tell me if you have the problem ?
Thank you in advance for your help !