I’m looking for good/working/simple to use php code for parsing raw email into parts. I’ve written a couple of brute force solutions, but every time, one small change/header/space/something comes along and my whole parser fails and the project falls apart. And before I get pointed at PEAR/PECL, I need actual code. My host has some screwy config or something, I can never seem to get the .so’s to build right. If I do get the .so made, some difference in path/environment/php.ini doesn’t always make it available (apache vs cron vs cli). Oh, and one last thing, I’m parsing the raw email text, NOT POP3, and NOT IMAP. It’s being piped into the php script via a .qmail email redirect. I’m not expecting SOF to write it for me, I’m looking for some tips/starting points on doing it “right”. This is one of those “wheel” problems that I know has already been solved.